Green Lawns

Have you noticed that it’s mowing season?  With the periodic rain we have been getting, the lawns are growing faster and mowing has become a weeklyImage result for green yard chore.  Some people put it off for weeks, letting the grass turn into a small jungle.  Others seem to have competitions with their neighbors to see how frequently they can mow.  Dandelions attack lawns that have not been weed treated and others don’t have a blade of grass out of place.  Some people mow regularly but only trim the edges every other time.   While others edge so much that their grass looks like it’s had a bad haircut.  Some water weekly and even have sprinkler systems, while others watch the sky for rain.  We could spend hundreds on turning our grass into lush green lawns, manicured into perfection.

In the same way, we can look at our own spiritual lives and see the time we put into it reflected in our fruits.  We can sometimes let our spiritual life get out of control, with no direction and just an occasional prayer thrown up here and there when we need a parking place or are running late.  We can allow weeds of negative thinking and judgment of others and ourselves populate our lawn and take the beauty away from the green grass.  We can focus on the main part, but then forget those still noticeable edges when we allow our self-discipline to wane.  We can become too focused on the work that we forget the beauty or we can become too critical of ourselves that we turn our once green lawn into choppy edged grass.

What we all need is the shower of God’s love to nurture our green lawns.  Whether that water comes from God alone, like the rain from the sky, or from the love of family and friends, like a sprinkler, or even from grace from within like a built-in sprinkler system, we all need to be open to God’s love.  No amount of lawn chemicals, fertilizer or mowing can make a lawn, or soul, as beautiful as God showering his love into our lives and being open to the growth that comes from it.

May we all become lush green lawns of God’s love!

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