Gifts of the Holy Spirit

With the Feast of Pentecost upon us this Sunday, we celebrate the Holy Spirit coming down upon the Apostles to give them the graces they need to fulfill God’s will. The Holy Spirit is always present in our lives, ready to bestow His gifts upon us.

With us parents wanting our children to know the Holy Spirit as a friend, advocate and constant comfort, they should know the gifts of the spirit.

So here’s a kid friendly explanation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit is always with us, in us and around us. Sometimes we don’t notice His presence but sometimes we do. He is always there – ready to bestow His gifts on us in the time of our need. These may be times when we need to make the right decision or times when we need to be encouraged and have hope. Or perhaps He gives us his gifts when we don’t even realize we need them!

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are:

Wisdom – This is knowing what is right and wrong and then being able to make those right choices to keep us close to God.

Understanding – This is being able to understand others’ feelings and having compassion for them, and being able to understand the teachings of the Church.

Counsel – This is the gift of making good judgments so that our choices keep us close to God.

Fortitude – This helps you to stand strong in your faith. Having courage, or fortitude, helps us to do what is difficult in the face of opposition.

Knowledge – This is the gift of spiritual understanding and being able to avoid stumbling on obstacles that may keep you from God.

Piety – This is reverence and honor of God, giving us the ability to serve others with joy.

Fear of the Lord – This is the wonder that we feel with the awesome power of God. Loving Him so much that we want to do right in our words and actions.


Receiving the gifts of the Holy Spirit can allow us to live in God’s love, showing the Fruits of the Holy Spirit to others.

The Fruits of the Holy Spirit are:


Love –  This allows us to serve others with unselfishness and joy.

Joy – We find true joy in following God’s will, knowing that the only happiness is from God.

Peace – Even if we are troubled, we need to turn things over to God and that is when we find peace in our hearts.

Kindness –  This is the golden rule – treating others as we would want to be treated.

Goodness –  Always trying to do what is right leads us to a spirit of goodness.

Patience – If we think about others before ourselves, we can find being patient with them much easier.  We can be more thoughtful and considerate.

Generosity – This is giving of ourselves – our resources, our time, and our talent – to others.

Modesty Purity in our thoughts, words and actions, including the way we dress and live.

Gentleness – Living without anger or quick tempers allows us gentleness in our spirits.

Faithfulness – Living our promises, being true to the teachings of Jesus and to the love of God displays our faithfulness.

Self-control – Being thoughtful in our actions and slow to anger or quick decisions helps us avoid temptations.

Chastity This is living with holiness and purity in our lives, valuing our bodies and gifts that God has given us.


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