Finding New Ways to Show our Children We Love Them

With the new school year beginning, the time I will spend with my sweet kiddos will often be more focused on homework, activities and food service.  So it’s time for me to come up with a few ways to let them know that I am thinking of them, praying for them, and loving them throughout the day, while we are apart and when we are busy together.

  1.  Put notes in their lunchbox!  Even my biggest kid likes to get a special note in his lunchbox.  He may not show it to his friends, but he does always keep it tucked in a special place for later.  If your child has a hot lunch at school, slip it into their jacket pocket or their school folder.  They will be so pleased to know that you are thinking of them.  If they take a lunch bag, this is even more funhearts because you can draw a heart or a xoxo on their bag every day.
  2.  Help out at school – as much as your schedule can allow.  If you work outside the home, send in supplies for the holiday parties or if you can manage to, take a day off once in a while.  For our dads, there’s a great program at many of our schools called Watch Dogs, where the dads spend the day at school helping out in all the different classrooms.  This really makes the children understand how much we value their education and their life at school.
  3. Get to know their friends.  If you want to raise kids who are great friends, associate them with other great kids.  At a young age, they will still value your opinion of their friends and will be receptive to suggestions on how to resolve uncomfortable situations.  As they get older, they will still value your opinion but they may not show it, so what you think of their friends may have to be conveyed more subtlely.
  4. Rather than waking them up with an alarm or a quick call into their rooms, go in and wake them yourselves.  Sing them a morning song, brush their hair out of their eyes, give them kisses.  Ask them what they were dreaming about.  Talk about what they are looking forward to that day.
  5. Spend quality time with them.  Listen to them, play games with them, help them with their homework.  Whatever you do, just be present to your kids.
  6. Have an occasional ticklefest!  Even the big kids like to tickle or be tickled sometimes.  Laughing makes everyone relax!
  7. Pray with them.  Make sure that they know how much you love God and how much you work to make Him the center of your life.  Give them a blessing on the way out the door.  Pray a morning prayer as you pull up to the school.  Stop by adoration on your way home from school.
  8. Know what they have up for each day.  Give them an extra special breakfast on test days (we always do toast with peanut butter and honey in addition to their cereal).  Get their water bottle ready for their sports practice.    Tell them to have fun at PE or music.  Just knowing what is going on in their lives validates who they are.
  9. Make them a special snack or dessert.  They will know that you’ve been thinking of them if you’ve worked on something for them while they were at school.
  10. Sneak in a kiss or hug.  They’ll be more receptive when no one is around but they still want them!hearts2

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