kids fightingWith the kids home for the summer, they are in more constant contact with each other than they are in the short afternoons during the school year.  Accompanying this increased contact is arguing and bickering.  The older ones try to tell the younger ones what to do and the younger ones resist and try to control their own destiny in the house hierarchy.  What results can be mean comments, bossy directions and general frustration by all.

It breaks my heart to hear them fighting.  I love them all so much that I wish they would treat each other with more kindness and compassion.  I know that they love each other.  I can see it in the little spontaneous gestures, the sweet surprising complements, the subtle hugs or kisses.  But when they fight, it hurts my heart.

I wonder if much of the same happens when God looks down from Heaven at all of his children.  He sees us warring with each other and hurting one another.  He sees us being careless with the poor, helpless, unborn and elderly – the least among us.  And even more individually, he sees our selfishness, our lack of compassion or judgmental thought toward others and it breaks His heart too.

But then He is overjoyed by the little acts of kindness, the selfless giving, the expressions of love and He knows that we do love each other and love Him too.  Let us find ways to sweetly surprise God with our goodness and compassion.

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