End of School/Beginning of Summer Activity List

end of school2

The end of the school year has snuck up on us and summer is already here!  To start things off, I thought a nice list was in order.  Here are some things I suggest!

  1. Take pictures of your kids and their teachers on the last day of school.
  2. As you leave the parking lot, turn up the Beach Boys! Summer has begun!
  3. Share an ice cream treat with good friends as your End of School celebration lunch!
  4. Go on a date with your sweetie before you are overwhelmed with kids 24-7.
  5. Sign up for some fun activities – swimming lessons, sports camps, VBS – or sign up for nothing at all! That’s what summer is for!
  6. Get a big book from the library and spend every afternoon with your kids reading a chapter or two!
  7. Make a reading chart to encourage the kids to read, read, read over the summer.
  8. Visit the library and go on a picnic.
  9. Have an evening out with the girls to celebrate another school year survived!
  10. Hug your kids and marvel at the passing of another year!

What do you have to add??

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