Easter Traditions

Easter basket                What do you do for your family’s Easter traditions?  Easter egg hunts?  Extended family meals?  Trips visiting loved ones?  I have to admit, we are a bit simple in our practices, so I’m always looking for new ideas to incorporate.

On Easter morning, the Easter tree is decorated with little eggs and bunnies.  We all get dressed up and go to Easter mass first thing to be sure to help the children know what Easter is all about.  We take pictures in the sunshine (hopefully) after mass.  And by then the Easter bunny has visited and left behind baskets, hiding both our hard-boiled dyed eggs and candy-filled eggs.  The baskets are sure to include some sort of Easter or saint books to enrich their young faiths. Then while the parents fix breakfast, the children rehide all of the found eggs and take turns finding them.  On Easters that we do not travel to see family, we spend the day just for us – no work, no obligations – just spending happy family time together.  The day culminates with a lovely Easter dinner together as a family.

I love that Easter is still so focused on faith and family, rather than the presents of birthdays and other holidays!

Here’s a fun way to make your deviled eggs more colorful if you are making those for your Easter meal – Colorful Eggs from Catholic Icing

What do you do for your Easter Traditions?

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