Colors of Lent

Purple vestmentPurple = prepare!  That is what is drilled into my first grader!  As soon as she saw the purple vestments that Father Adam was wearing the Sunday after Ash Wednesday, she knew it was a preparing season of the church, but she wasn’t sure which one!

However, purple isn’t the only color that we see during this holy season of Lent, although it is the main one.  In addition to purple, we have two feast days – one for St. Joseph on March 19 and the Annunciation on March 25 when an angel appeared to Mary.  On these days, the priest gets to wear white, often trimmed with natural metals like silver or gold.white vestmen

Red vestmentAnd then we have red vestments that are worn on days when blood was shed.  So we will see the bright red color on Palm Sunday and on Good Friday.

And the last color to be seen during Lent is rose.  Rose is worn on the fourth Sunday of Lent, called Laetare Sunday, to remind us of the joy that is to come with the arrival of Easter.  Just like Gaudette Sunday, during Advent, he wears rose to give us hope that Lent is not forever.Rose vestment

So now you can tell your kids about the rainbow of Lenten colors!

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