Children’s Adoration – Part 2

I know that I have written before about how much I love Children’s adoration, but I had to gush about it again!  I have been fortunate enough to not only take my own children, but also invite other children to come along to adore the Blessed Sacrament.  I feel so blessed to introduce them to our Lord through Adoration and they are always so genuinely overjoyed to be a part of this experience.

They love to lead their Hail Mary as we pray our short decPreschoolAdoration4ade of the rosary.  They love to get small before God.  They love learning about a new saint and relating what they have done or what prayer intentions they have.

Here is an adoration from just a month or two ago.  The children are young, but the other adorers are always understanding, knowing that Christ did say, “Let the little children come to me!”PreschoolAdoration3










My children beg to go into the chapel for just a few minutes when we stop by on an errand to the church and I pray that their enthusiasm will continue.  I pray that if nothing else, their time in the Adoration Chapel will plant seeds in their hearts.  And that they will know where they need to turn as adults in times of trials and tribulations.  If I am only a drop of rain that waters that seed then I feel oh so blessed!



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