Children’s Activity for the Last Weeks of Lent

With Lent more than half over, I was just re-examining my own Lenten promises, but now I must also look at how I am encouraging my children’s Lenten promises.  Their sacrifice of dessert once a week has been going well.  One of my more pleasing and surprising moments recently was when I was taking the sandwich box out of my son’s lunch last week to wash it and found his cookie still in his lunch box.  “Did you forget to eat your cookie, Sweetie?” I asked.  “No mom, you forgot that I don’t eat it on Fridays.” was his response.  Whoops, my bad.  But nice catch by him!

Saying prayers before lunch at school has been a nice addition to their prayer life as well.  I put a sticky note in their lunch boxes to remind them, “Say your prayers!”  Unfortunately, they have both taken a little bit of negative attention for it.  My daughter has had her classmates tease her a bit, “Have you said your prayers?  Don’t forget your prayers.”  She told me this with a sad and embarrassed face.  And I told her that Jesus told us to rejoice when that happened!  Not only is she being persecuted for her faith, but she is serving as the light of Christ to her classmates – maybe the only Light that they will see in their lives.   So they have both persevered and I pray that their Lenten promises will last far past the end of this season of sacrifice.

And now that we are so far through Lent, it is time for them to rededicate themselves to daily sacrifice as well.  A couple of years ago, I came across a brilliant Lenten idea.  It involves setting out glass bowls for each of the children and we put jellybeans in their jars each day according to the following poem:


jelly beansRed is for the blood Christ gave – this is a sacrifice that the children can make each day.

Green is for the palm’s cool shade – this is earned for good deeds done throughout the day

Yellow is for God’s light so bright – kindness to others makes yellow jellybeans occur in their bowls

Orange is for prayers at twilight – earned for attentive behavior during bedtime prayers

Black is for sweet rest at night – going to bed well gets them these jellybeans

White is for the Grace of Christ – these cannot be earned, but rather received every day because God’s grace is given to us freely

Purple is for His days of sorrow – earned by apologizing to those hurt by their actions or words

Pink is for each new tomorrow – received when they forgive those who apologized to them

For all the details on the jelly bean prayer, check out this link to Motherly Loving .

The final sacrifice is that the children cannot eat any of the jelly beans until Easter morning.  So we will be starting our activity next week.  Won’t you pick up some jelly beans and join us?

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