Candy Canes

 Do you have any leftover candy canes at your house?  We have plenty that keep getting little fingers very sticky!  Did you know that the candy cane 2candy cane actually may have religious origins?  According to the legend, a candymaker wished to tell the story of Jesus.  He created a candy cane.

The white on the candy cane represents the sinless nature of Christ – born without sin and lived without sin.  The three small red stripes represent the scourging of Jesus before he died.  The single large red stripe is Jesus blood shed for our sins on the cross.

It is shaped like a shepherd’s crook because Jesus is our Good Shepherd.  Turn it upside down, and even your preschooler can tell you – it’s J for Jesus!

Now as you clean those sticky fingers, you can teach them about how much Christ loves them with every lick!

candy cane 1

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