Appreciation List

appreciationWe just finished Teacher Appreciation week last week, as I am sure that you did too!  And the fun we had spoiling the teachers made me think about how important it is to appreciate those around us.  Oftentimes, it takes very little to make someone feel appreciated.  So here’s a list for you and your kids to help make others around you feel appreciated.

  1. Write a note to your teachers on the last day of school, thanking them for a great year.
  2. Make a treat for your carpool buddy, letting them know how much you are thankful for the arrangement.
  3. Email other moms who have been so helpful over the school year.
  4. Call your mom and tell her thanks for listening to all of the ups and downs of daily parenting.
  5. Seek out the custodian at your school and thank him for cleaning up after your kids – after all, you do the same job – just in different locations!
  6. Hug your kids and thank your kids for doing their best in school and for being more responsible.
  7. Pray a rosary of thanksgiving for those who support and love you!
  8. Drop a flower by your neighbor’s house and thank them for having their teenager drive slow through the neighborhood.
  9. Invite your parish priest over to dinner or make a treat for him to thank him for all of his prayers and spiritual guidance.
  10. Kiss your husband and thank him for all his love and support!

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