Altar Serving

On my birthday in December, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, I was blessed to attend mass at which my son was serving as an altar boyaltar server for the first time.  I could feel the warmth growing in my heart the first time he walked up the center aisle wearing his black cassock and white surplice over it.  Feeling proud, I watched him genuflect with Father and take his place behind the priest’s chair, always with his hands carefully folded in front of him.  I held my breath the first time (an every subsequent time) that he has carried the tray holding eight very full chalices to the altar.  He was reverent and attentive during the Liturgy of the Eucharist.  What a beautiful birthday gift to watch him serve at mass!

Since that first time, our son has served a number of times, always eager to help Father.  In fact, he pushes us to get to church early and always rushes in to sign up for one of the positions to help during the Eucharistic celebration.

As I watch him, serving the priest – serving God, I wonder what God will call him to – the priesthood, deaconate, or maybe a proud Catholic parent sitting in a pew during mass, watching his own son serve as an altar boy.

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