Adoration for Preschoolers and Toddlers

We are blessed at our church to have 24-hour Adoration available to us.  My children and I have participated in a Children’s Adoration whenever our schedule permitted.  They all really liked spending time in front of the Blessed Sacrament and would happily join in with the rosary and prayers.  However, our youngest daughter, 4 years old, had trouble lasting the full thirty minutes in the chapel.  Even though she was interested, her little body couldn’t hold still that long.  I thought that if perhaps I could make something more specialized to her age, she might be able to appreciate her time there more.   I approached the director of the Children’s adoration and she thought it would be a great idea.

So I contacted a few of my playgroup friends who had young children and inquired about their interest in a preschool age Adoration program.  Several were interested so we set a date and I set to work trying to determine what should be covered.  I checked out several sites on adoration for children including national and international programs.  The day of the preschool adoration, I was more nervous to introduce these children to our Lord than I was teaching my college class of 80 young adults!

We met in the day chapel just outside of the Adoration chapel at 1:00 in the afternoon.  Our little group of adorers included 5 children (one 5 year old, one 4 year old, two three-year olds, one two-year old and a baby) and four moms.  We all sat on the floor and talked about what mom and dad do when they go up to communion and who the bread and wine actually are.  Their little minds have no problem accepting that the bread and wine truly are the Body and Blood of Christ.  I told them that we actually got to go in and see Jesus!  One little girl clapped her hands over her mouth and then jumped up saying “We get to go see Jesus!”  We also practiced a double-knee genuflect since it truly is our Lord.

As we all went into the chapel and genuflected, making the sign of the cross, the children were no less excited than they were in the Day Chapel.  We sat down directly in front and I pointed out to them where Jesus was.  I talked about the beautiful gold cross holding the Body of Christ is called a monstrance and they all repeated the new word back to me in awe.

children's adoration

I asked them who at home loves them more than anybody.  And when they answered their mommy and daddy, I said that Jesus mommy loves him very much.  They were excited to share that they knew her name!  I said that one way to be closer to Jesus is to talk to his mommy and we do this through a very special prayer called the rosary.  I showed them a rosary and talked about how each bead means a special prayer.  They each picked out a rosary from the basket and we proceeded to begin a decade of the rosary.  We all prayed the Our Father together and then I let each of the children start their own Hail Mary.  Even the littlest ones were able to mouth the words, even if they were too shy to say it aloud.  There is no sweeter sound than hearing children pray!  We didn’t even make it through a whole decade, but they were so happy to be praying, it brought everyone joy!

After the rosary, we got small by curling up into a ball on our knees.  They tried very hard to be as quiet as they could and after about 20 seconds of silence, I asked them to repeat my words.  “Thank you Jesus for my family.  Thank you Jesus for loving me.  Thank you Jesus for being my friend.”  I kept it short so that their wiggling wouldn’t get the best of them.

Next we learned about a saint.  I chose St. Dominic Savio because he was such a great example of a child who tried to be close to God.  I had a picture of him in one of our children’s saints’ book.  And briefly they were enraptured by someone who was just a kid like them, trying to be close to our Lord.

Following that we all sang Jesus loves me because as my daughter likes to say “Singing is praying twice!” Then we all made another double-knee genuflect and whispered “Good-bye Jesus!”

Even though the children weren’t completely still the whole time, they were excited to be with Jesus.  Hopefully, our Lord was delighted that we brought the children to him and he didn’t mind that we sometimes had more joyful noises than peaceful silence.adoration 3

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  1. Kaylene says:

    Hi Shannon,

    I am new to POPS MOMS this year, just moved here, but my daughter and went to one of the adorations you did in the Fall. We loved it! I blogged about it on my site & will link to this page now on my post so others can find your site! you can see the link

    • Shannon says:

      Hello! I am happy to see your comment! Thanks for checking out my site. I am still new to this whole experience and I appreciate you linking to my site from yours!

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