A Child

On days when it is dreary or rainy outside, when the cold seems to seep in, I find it more difficult to see God’s beauty in the world. Prayer life can be more difficult.  Spiritual reading falls by the wayside.  But when I am disciplined and make myself take the time I can sometimes find God in unexpected ways.

Today was just such a case. I felt uninspired for the articles I wanted to write today.  Not hearing God’s tug on my heart could easily lead me to find other things to work on.  But as I sat there in the momentary silence, I thought of how it reminded me of naptimes when the children were younger.  And when naptime ended, walking in to a child’s room was rewarded by a brilliant smile from a sweet child happy to see you.  Now that cribs aren’t around anymore, I still get a sense of that coming home at the end of a long work day or during the pickup from school.  We are all so happy to see each other, joyful because we are back where we should be after being apart.

And the thought struck me that we too can be like a child in the eyes of God. And everytime, everytime, He looks at us is like that first look after a nap or the joy of reuniting after a long day.  He is always happy to see us, always joyful when we look up at Him, always loving and looking out for us.

So the next time, I am feeling that spiritual dryness, I am going to remember that I am a child of God and He is smiling down at me even when I cannot see Him.


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