A Back to School Prayer

Lord, be with our children as they head into their new classrooms.

Calm the butterflies in their stomachs,

Make them confident in their place in this world with you by their side.

Give them courage to make a new friend, strength to make right decisions,

And peace in their hearts that fill with love for new teachers and old friends.


Lord, be with our teachers as they welcome our young ones into their classrooms.

Affirm for them their valuable vocation in our lives,

Make them fill with joy at the wonder in our children’s eyes

Give them enthusiasm for teaching inquisitive young minds, patience with all of their trials

And love, a teacher’s love, for our dear ones we are entrusting to them.


Lord, be with us as we send our children off to another school year.first day of school2

Comfort us in the still quiet of the house,

Make us appreciate the precious time we have as the littles get big all too quickly

Give us hope for dreams of our children’s future, knowledge of the indelible impressions we make on their hearts

And peace as we loosen the apron strings just a bit to release our precious little ones so eager to fly into the world that you have made for them, knowing that you love them even more than we do.


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