Organizational Tip #1 – Fill your File with Folders

Organizational Tip #1

Fill your file with folders

We have a bunch of folders in our kitchen. When the kids come home from school, I sort through their homework and papers and put them where they belong, hopefully before I start making dinner.

Each child has a folder to put their treasured homework in so they can show their dad when we have more time on the weekends.Image result for organizing homework

We have a Homework in Progress folder that includes all spelling test lists, test study guides, and ongoing projects.

We have an Activities folder, containing all the soccer schedules, upcoming school activities, concert dates. I go through this one every weekend so I don’t miss any important activities.

And the rest of the homework – worksheets on grammar or math – those not as exciting or creative head outside to the recycle bin, after chatting with the kids about them.

That’s how we keep our daily influx of school papers in check!