we parent moreI am delighted to be a part of a new app that has come out called WeParentMore.Org.  It is designed as a site to provide parenting resources for young Catholic parents to bring their children closer to the faith and to enrich parental faith lives as well.  It can also be used by parishes and schools a great resource for their families!

This site is now available as both an app you can download on your phone and also as a website, for those of us who haven’t upgraded to smart phones yet!  My site is located under the Parenting Resources tab, along with a lot of other great websites For Moms. 

This is an actively developing site and actually has an updated version coming out in a week or so.  In addition, check back often because they are always adding new resources to their site.

Thank you to Fr. Bellmonte and the entire WeParentMore.org team for allowing me to be a part of this site.

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