Unusual School List


So you’ve been keeping your eye on the school sales, sure to get those glue sticks for the cheapest price in town, but here are a few items that may not have made it on your Back-to-School list!

  1. Notepad to slip notes into lunchboxes
  2. Paper sacks for field tripsback to school
  3. Construction paper so the kids can make a first-day card for their teachers
  4. Holy water to bless the kids with every morning before school
  5. Magnets to put up that prized artwork and top-notch spelling tests
  6. Back-to-school stories to be sure to read before that first day
  7. Special key chains to add a personal touch to backpacks
  8. Ice cream for a night-before-school-treat!
  9. Snacks for hungry after-school tummies
  10. Extra hugs and kisses to get them (and you) through the school day!

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