Summer Cleaning

So with a new summer routine this week, I’ve realized that my summer cleaning isn’t going to happen.  At least, it’s not going to happen like I would like it to.  No more ten minutes with the house picked up, dusted, swept and laundry put away before something is dumped on the carpet, dripped on the floor or just cluttered up in general.   With kids going in and out of the house, middle of the day snacks, and busy activities, I am realizing that it’s just not going to happen.  But if you are anything like me, you need a picked up house just for your own sanity!  An uncluttered house helps me to have an uncluttered mind!

So I am altering my plans of cleaning every week all on one day.  Here are my new summer cleaning rules – some are more lax and some are more strict.  See what you think!

  1. No need to dust until company comes to visit or we can write our names in the dust.
  2. Showers get cleaned when chlorine is rinsed off into them – right??summer cleaning
  3. Floors swept – almost daily. This is the one chore that I see having to do more frequently. Somehow within just a few hours of sweeping, crumbs from snacks, dirt, and sand, cover the floor. And since I sometimes take off those flip-flops and walk around the house barefoot, I can’t stand those crumbs crunching under my feet!
  4. Kid’s rooms – not my job!!
  5. Laundry – I plan to still do it once a week, but it might have to be spread out over two days. Too much fun to have to fold clothes all day!
  6. Vacuuming – I actually might bribe my kids to do this one. My 11-year old son asked me if he could stay home from grocery shopping. I didn’t really want him to go anyway – just one more person to drag through the store. But I said, “Hmmm, I don’t know. I really need the living room vacuumed. Maybe if you do that?” “Sure!” He hopped right up to take care of it to stay home!
  7. Bed making – a must! But I only have to take care of my own. That way, I’ll have a haven when the rest of the house builds up around me!
  8. Bathrooms are going to be on an “as needed” basis. I’ll probably wipe off sinks when the toothpaste smears drive me nuts and wipe the toilets on a semi-regular basis, but not a regular top to bottom basis – except for the guest bathroom so friends will still come play!
  9. Mopping floors will be on an “as needed” basis too. When popsicle drips streak the floor or my feet make that sticky noise when I walk!
  10. Freshening – I may do this one more often too. Spraying a little Febreeze or lighting a candle may help me feel like the house really is clean!

How will your cleaning routine change?

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