Slaying the Closet Monsters

Last week, armed with determination and three trash bags (one for trash, one for recycling, and one for giveaways), with my trusty squires by my side, we attacked the closet monsters day by day.

First was my son’s room, where we pulled out a ton of old clothes recently outgrown by his continual growth spurts, packed up fluffy stuffed animals no longer played with, and flattened empty Lego boxes

because the Legos were put together and decorating his room.  His closet was by far the easiest monster I faced last week, but what a sense of accomplishment when it was done.  I snuck into his room later in the day just to stare at his closet.  When my home is cluttered, my mind feels cluttered and disorganized too.  That’s not to say that my house is perfectly organized but rather compartmentalized so that each mess can be tackled in its own time.  So it was a great comfort to have done something small.DSC03796


Riley’s closet gave me the encouragement to tackle my youngest’s closet.  Unfortunately for her, her room was formerly the guest room and her closet still contains some communal items like gift wrap sewing supplies, and Daddy’s off-season dress shirts among other odds and ends.  So part of her closet cleaning was simply reclaiming some much needed space for her use.  She was excited to help out and we got it done too!

DSC03800    DSC03807

Now onto the colossal monster – my middle daughter’s closet.  This was theDSC03811 monster that ate the other two for a snack.  In the weeks leading up to the great slaying, we actually had to press our whole weight again the door to get it to close.  She had a bunch of much needed hand-me-down clothes (Thanks, Tosha!), old toys that she had out grown, school papers, and beads from a bracelet kid everywhere!  And that doesn’t come close to mentioning everything!  The kids actually wore out on this one and finally went off to entertain themselves, but I stuck with it and finally defeated the last monster with a flourish!DSC03812

Now my mind feels better without an ominous task looming over me and I actually feel the freedom to have some summer fun with my darling kids.  To the pool!  My suggestion to you is to start small.  Try cleaning out a drawer or shelf and no more than that!  Then rejoice at your little achievement!

Meanwhile, the basement monster in my house is lurking, growing larger and waiting for its moment…..



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