Riding with Mary

As of late, I have had the opportunity to drive alone in the car after I have dropped all of the kids (and the carpooling neighbor) off at school.  My drive lasts about twenty minutes and I have to battle through rush hour traffic to get to my destination.  At first, I found the traffic tedious at best and some days, simply exasperating!  But as I started getting used to the quiet of the car, I began to become accustomed to the rhythm of the drive too – the stop and go of the changing lights, the weave of the lane changes.  Now I can’t say that I enjoy the drive and the traffic, but I realized something about those early morning travelers.  All of the people I was driving alongside had somewhere important to go, somewhere they needed to be.  They were special to someone and had loved ones who needed them.  And even more importantly, they were loved by God because they were his children too.  Mary and rosary

As I pondered this, I felt like I wanted to fill the silence in the car.  I tried music, but I spent more time trying to find the right song than I did enjoying it.  I tried CDs but most of the CDs in my car are Kid-oriented and I don’t really feel like singing along to Rapunzel first thing in the morning.  So then, I realized I needed someone to talk to.  And as a result, I began praying the rosary. Now, I am not coordinated enough to drive and hold rosary beads at the same time, but my fingers seem to work just fine to keep track of which prayer I am on.

As I pray through the mysteries, I let my mind wander.  I think about the needs of family and friends, lifiting up a sick child or a pregnant mother in prayer.  I think about my own family – their daily needs, their dreams and desires.  I let my mind think about all of my loved ones and how I can raise them up in my prayers today.  And all the way, I can see Mary, sitting there with me, riding in the passenger seat, ready to cary my intentions to her Son, listening like my own mother would.

And I find that the traffic and stress no longer bothers me because I am talking to my friend about all those I love, knowing she loves them too.

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