Resolutions for the New Year


  1. Update all the calendars in the house
  2. Send a card to a friend or family member – just because.
  3. Make family time high quality – if high quantity isn’t an option.
  4. Go to confession.
  5. Go on a date with my husband.
  6. Make a meal for the priests at church.
  7. Organize scrapbooks
  8. Read a devotional.
  9. Get rid of a bag of old clothes.
  10. Pray the rosary every day.
  11. Clean out a closet or two.
  12. Smile at strangers.
  13. Ask the Holy Spirit what He wants me to do each day.
  14. Wash all the winter coats.
  15. Bless my kids with holy water every morning and night.

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