Parent Teacher Conferences

This time of year, are the teachers as nervous about conferences as the parents are?  We send our kids off to school every morning and they spend seven hours a day outside of our lives.  We pray that they are Parent teacherbehaving, treating others with kindness, and learning new things.  We pray that the teachers are patient and kind, directing our children with love and devotion to their education.  But conference time is when the two worlds collide.

I had a teacher once admit that she’d rather teach a roomful of rowdy kids than talk to parents.  Admittedly, I am a bit nervous too!  I am hoping to hear good things, both academically and behaviorally, but I’m always nervous that I’ll discover things about my kids that I don’t want to know!

I’ve come to realize, however, that these conferences are a great time for parents and teachers to collaborate for the best of the children.  The teachers need to know that we parents support them and that we recognize our children aren’t perfect angels.  They need to know we support their decisions on behavior and discipline and that we respect the academic levels that they push our children to reach.

We as parents want to hear how great our children are – something we already know of course!  But we also want to be given tools to help them at home, so they can succeed academically.  We need to know where they are doing poorly in class and what we can do to encourage them at home!

I know my children, and I know that they would not take well to homeschooling.  So for that reason, I will rely heavily on the teachers in my children’s lives.  The most important part of our parent-teacher relationship will be communication – in both good times and bad!  What I’ve found to be so beautiful in these conferences is how the teachers think that my kids are so neat too.  The great teachers really have a gentle patience and true love of their students.  It takes a special person to be a teacher with a heart so resilient to teach, guide, and love their students all year, only to finally let them go at the end of each school year.  Teaching is the abbreviated, fast-forward version of parenthood!

So God please bless all those teachers in our lives!  Grant them your grace to be academically expectant, infinitely patient, and lovingly devoted to our children.

Thank you to all of you wonderful teachers!!parent teacher conference2

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