Organizing a Cluttered Life

So do you want to know how to juggle your kids’ homework, extracurricular activities, volunteering at church, making brownies for the Knights of Columbus fish fry, and putting a healthy meal on the table, all the while surrounded by a beautifully clean house?

I do too!  So if you figure it out, please let me know!

So I am still searching for the idyllic family life without the forgotten homework, hurrying out the door to soccer, the rush of dinner prep, and child meltdowns, while surrounded by piles of clutter.  But I still do have some tips to share about how to make your home and your life more organized.  Perhaps you have some to share with me too!

  1. What comes in must go out!  Whenever notes come home from school, I try to look at them right tpaperworkhen and either sign them, log them in the calendar, or recycle them.  If I put them in a pile to deal with later, they tend to get lost.  The same goes for mail – open, file, pitch – immediately.  If things do need to be dealt with another day, I put them in the file organizer on my counter, which I try to go through every few days.

  3. Everything has a place – and a person to put them there!  When the kids come home from school, they are expected to put their school papers in a certain place, their shoes in their cubby, and their jackets and backpacks on their hooks.  This makes about 10 fewer things that I have to put away.  Making them responsible for their own belongings helps me with the clutter you and teaches them to be accountable and conscientious, at least on some level.

  5. Sacrificing one day to do all or most of the household chores – laundry, cleaning, ironing – leaves the rest of the week much more open to have some quality time with my kids.  I also try to keep my errand running to just one day so that I can keep other days open for more fun activities!laundry

  7. Save the date!  Make sure that calendar is coordinated!  There is nothing worse that realizing that you have a conflict of events thirty minutes before start time.  And having a coordinated calendar will allow you to plan far advance for class parties, birthdays, Bible studies, and family events.  I also make sure that we are all on the same page for each week, discussing our weekly events at Sunday dinner.  Especially important is ensuring that my husband is aware of all events that we need to tag team or for which I need him home a few minutes early.


5.  Family time is a must!  You are doing all this for the benefit of your beloved family – to make sure everything runs smoothly for everyone involved.  So you definitely need to enjoy that family!  Be sure that you schedule some time for fun – snuggling in front of a family movie, reading a good book together, playing a rousing game of monopoly, turning up the music and breaking out your best dance moves.  Your loved ones need to know just that – that they are loved and take more of a priority than all of the cleaning, schedules, errands, and paperwork that may take up your time. 
How do you manage your busy household?

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