Moving into the Background

I was amused on Monday (the third day of school) when my littlest informed me I could walk her into kindergarten one more day before she could do it on her own.  We got across the crosswalk holding hands and then she spotted a friend and she was off before I even realized it!  A teacher/mom watched as she skipped into the gym and I shrugged, “I guess that’s that.”  And she said, “You are just moving into the background.”  That one comment, meant to make me feel good that I have a confident little girl, has stayed with me this week.

If you’ve ever been to Disney World, you know that everything is an amazing production.  Everything is timed to perfection – the fireworks go off in time to the music, the characters wave at exactly the right moment in the parade, and the shows always go off without a hitch.  I can only imagine all tDisney2he work it takes to make everything look so easy and flawless.  Did you know that there is an entire Disney underground under the Magic Kingdom into which all the food deliveries come, all the costumes and makeup is done and where all the electronics are monitored?  There are hundreds of people behind the scenes so that all we see is perfection.  All we see is that amazing experience where Ariel makes our little girls feel like princesses or Peter Pan shares a cracker with our son (my nephew actually did that!).  We feel the magic in our hearts and are reminded of the dreams of our childhood where anything was possible.

In thinking about this, I came to realize that I am becoming those workers in the Disney Underground – never seen, rarely credited, but still there.  I am in the background now.  My children still need me.  They need me to be a constant in their lives.  Maybe I am more of the fashion consultant, food provider or electronics police, but I am still playing an important role in their lives – perhaps more important than before.

And if I do my job right, which I pray by the grace of God that I can, the rest of the world will only see the fruits of my labors.  They will experience my children and their love for others.  They will see their kindness and generosity.  They will observe their integrity and determination.  They will feel the love of God in their own lives because they see the light of Christ in my children as they go off into the world.Disney

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