Meals and Menus

How do you plan to feed your beloved family each week?  Do you do daily shopping trips?  Do you pick up your favorite take-out menu?  Are you all organic?  Do you make a lot of casserole meals in advance and pull them out of the freezer as needed?

If you can’t already tell from my articles, I’ll admit, I am a planner.  Sometimes to a fault, as my dear friends will attest!  I need to have my menu sketched out for the month.  I get this meal planning strategy from watching my mother do the same throughout my childhood and adolescence.  (Thanks, Mom!)  I get out the calendar and see what evenings we have activities, knowing that I’ll plan for leftovers or a quick meal on those nights.  As a general rule, we have Friday fish days year round – tilapia, salmon patties, tuna and noodles.  Saturdays are homemade fast food nights – like frozen pizza, burgers on the grill, or make our own pizzas.  And then Sundays, I have more time to cook so we have a bigger meal like a roast or lasagna.  With leftovers planned for one night of the week so we don’t lose any of those yummy meals, that leaves just three days of the week to plan for.

So here’s what works for me – I have a long list of all the meals I like to cook, and then I just pull meals off of that list, making sure to get Mexican, Chinese, Italian and Cajun dishes in there too.  Sometimes, I spice up my list with ideas from friends and searching through cookbooks when time permits.  Most recently, I’ve added taco spaghetti and tuna croquettes. (Thank you, friends!)


Then, because the grocery store is always a difficult place, I try to go as little as possible – once or twice a month if possible.  Of course, I still have to make occasional trips for milk, fruit, or anything crucial that can’t wait, like those snacks that you didn’t know you were supposed to provide for the Brownie meeting tomorrow!

No matter how you plan to feed your family, I hope that you are able to eat as a family often.  Family time is the best dish you can serve up!

How do you feed your family??

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