Hopes for the Beginning of Summer

summer1 It’s here!  We said a tearful goodbye to our teachers yesterday (I won’t mention who was shedding the tears!).  We put our backpacks in the closet.  We even slept in a little this morning – well, okay, the kids did anyway!  And swimming through my head are all the plans and hopes and dreams I have for what we will do and share this summer.

And then reality settled in as the older two were fighting over who got to brush their teeth first!  Good grief!  I was still doing the dishes and our day began with yelling.  Unfortunately, not all the yelling belonged to the children.

So I’ve gotten together a plan because if I don’t keep them busy, then they will find less desirable ways to keep themselves busy.  You know this is true!  Maybe some of you have plans too and we can share ideas about activities, fun, and routines.  Yes, I said routine.  We are all creatures of habit and routines really help us structure our day and shape our expectations.

So here is our (rough) daily plan.  You can ask me how it’s going when July hits!

summer3After breakfast and morning chores – we are going to snuggle on the couch and read together.  I don’t care what, but they have requested Harry Potter, Little House on the Prairie, Chronicles of Narnia, American Girl Doll books and I can’t wait to delve into a story with them.  I love it when the chapter ends and they say, “Wait!  You can’t stop there!” because that is how I have always felt about books too!

Then it’s time for a little schoolwork.  Yes, I am a mean mom and they all have workbooks to go through, plus the reading minutes that they need to account for.  My daughter’s second grade teacher told us before the end of school that in order to stay on grade level, a student must read 1 hour per grade level a week.  So my soon-to-be third grader and I will enjoy at least 3 hours a week of reading, although I do expect to encounter a fair share of opposition at the beginning of each reading.  Her opposition to reading reminds me of how I felt about basketball practice in high school.  All day long, I dreaded having to go, but when I got there, I worked hard and actually enjoyed myself, which is why I kept going back!  Hopefully it will work out the same way for my daughter!

After that, we all need a little free time, a break from each other – outside if weather permits! summer2

Then just before lunch, I was hoping that we could all play a game together.  Shoot some hoops, kick a soccer ball, draw with chalk, or for those rainy or incredibly scorching days we will crack open a board game or a puzzle.

After lunch, it’s time for more productive activities.  I am hoping that this will involve cleaning out closets and dressers, storage rooms and garages.  But always in very small bites!This will be rewarded by whatever they want to do together – more book reading, play dough, back outside, a bike ride.

And then it’s time for mom to get some work done!  The TV finally gets to turn on for a little while so I can do some paperwork and get dinner ready.

And that is our very ambitious day!  Of course we will still have to adjust that plan for Vacation Bible School, swimming lessons, sports camps, swimming plans, playdates, errands and special outings, but I am relieved to have a plan in place.  The kids know what to expect and I know what to hope for!

What is your plan for those long summer days?

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