Flash Cleaning and Flash Praying

With my schedule having changed this year, I am having a difficult time finding a day to do all of my cleaning and housework.  I tried splitting up the days – dusting on one day, bathrooms on another, and vacuuming on a third.  Still, all of the work doesn’t get done in a week, so I have started something I am terming “flash cleaning.”  If I find that 5 minutes appear in my schedule while the meat is defrosting for dinner and the kids are occupied, I think – What can I get done?  In 5 minutes, I can get through a stack of paperwork, sweep the floor or scrub one toilet.  If 10 minutes present themselves, rather than check email or flip channels, I might be even able to vacuum a couple of rooms, scrub a shower door or put away laundry. chores (2)

With this in mind and my interest in increasing my prayer life this Lent, I realize I have had a time crunch for prayer too.  Finding a half hour to sit and meditate on the mysteries of the gospels would be luxurious, but sometimes difficult to manage, so I have taken to “flash praying” as well.

When an urgent prayer need arises – my son is nervous for his jazz band audition or a friend is sick, I send up a quick and immediate prayer.  It is unlikely that I will remember these petitions at the end of a long day and I don’t want them to be forgotten.  I also send up prayers whenever I think of a chronic need – a friend’s pregnancy, a long term illness, someone struggling in a difficult relationship.  Whenever they cross my mind, I want them to deeply and intensely feel God’s grace so I lift them up in prayer.  The perpetual or continual needs – the poor, the marginalized, the clergy, the need for vocations, those with no one to pray for them, I have to concentrate on more because I may not be triggered by easy reminders.  So once a day, I try to remember them too – in a very brief moment of silence.

And sometimes, mixing my flash cleaning and flash praying together is great too!  I don’t need to concentrate on the mirror I am wiping so I can turn my mind to prayer!praying with children

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