Dividing Tasks – Part 3

Holy Spirit2The third division of labor has to be with God.  Now, I know that Jesus isn’t matching socks or scrubbing toilets and the Holy Spirit didn’t just head out to the grocery store, list in hand.  But including God in daily activities brings Him more fully present into my life on a moment by moment basis.  This is especially true when I am overwhelmed and find a task too daunting.  I implore His help to find the fortitude and grace I need to change the sheets with a loving heart or fold laundry with prayers for each member of the family.  We have some days, some weeks, that are so busy, I can barely see to tomorrow!  I’m sure you have experienced that too!  Our evenings are full of activities, our daytime chores are overwhelming, schoolwork is through the roof!  And those are the times when everyone’s behavior is perfect, of course.  Getting through it all is truly not humanly possible.  Without God, I can feel my chest start tightening just thinking about what I have to do.  But when I turn it over to Him, whatever He needs me to get done will be done – and nothing more.  But I must trust in Him.  Bringing God into everyday tasks and errands makes me more able to get through the day and also unites me with all of you, experiencing the same feelings, reminding us that we are all a part of the universal church of God.

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