Dividing Tasks – Part 2

chores3This article is the second part of a three part article about dividing tasks to make your household run more smoothly.  With overwhelming daily chores, activities and schoolwork, I realize that I can’t keep track of everything on my own.  I’m sure you share responsibilities with your spouses in your own homes, but I need more help!

As the children grow older, I have realized that I have to share tasks with them too.  They are perfectly capable and should be expected to share in family chores.  Even though some fussing is mandatory, participating in chores makes kids feel like they are an integral part of the family with duties and responsibilities of their own.  I expect rooms clean, beds made, laundry picked up.  They also have chores that contribute to the betterment of the family – setting the table, clearing the table, washing dishes and taking their hampers to the laundry room.

Besides chores, the kids should be responsible for their own schoolwork.  They should be perfectly capable of setting out their daily agendas to be signed, giving me homework status updates and even beginning their homework without too much prompting.  Of course the younger children won’t have this responsibility but they would love nothing more than to be a part of it!  Giving them reading minutes could get them into the good behavior of sitting down to spend time with books, even if they aren’t yet reading the words.

Sometimes I fall into the wrong mindset though because sometimes it is easier to do these chores myself.  It’s easier to put the left-out shoes in the bin than to ask for them to be put away and get the typical “Just a minute…” response.  If I do the chores, they get done immediately, correctly and minus the fussing.  I suppose this is more for my benefit than theirs and I need to get better at this.  My behavior could cause them to believe that if they don’t get around to it, Mom will do it sooner or later.  So even though I would rather be selfish with some of these chores, I need to share them too!

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