Dividing Tasks – Part 1

Dividing Tasks

Running a household comes with a list of jobs longer than my notebook can handle, so I thought that I would share an article about dividing of tasks.  But as I started writing, I realized that this article would be longer than usual, so I have broken it into a three part article!  The first part of the article is about dividing tasks with my spouse.chores (2)

At the beginning of my marriage, I had a distinct idea of how the household tasks should be shared.  Just like generations past, I felt like I should do the cooking, cleaning, laundry and my husband would do all maintenance, auto care and outside work.  I had seen my parents do this and I assumed this was how marriage was.  I was even hurt and offended when my new groom tried to do the household tasks.  I thought he was somehow saying that I was supposed to correctly or efficiently.  How foolish I was!

I look at my parents’ relationship now that my father is retired and it has become clear to me why my mother did so many of the household chores.  It was because my dad was off at work and my mom was more available to take care of things around the house.  Now, when we visit my folks, I see my dad empty the dishwasher, clear tables, and sweep floors.  He is home more often to help out and even though my dad still does the leaf raking and garage sweeping, the tasks are shared more.

chores2 (2)When I look at my own marriage, I see an evolution of sharing from being offended to asking for help.  It may have begun with the arrival of children and sharing parental duties, but my husband is always ready and willing to help out – clearing the table, picking up books and toys, helping with homework, gathering the laundry or anything I need.  Not only do I need his help with chores, but when the kids get too whiny or demanding and I am exhausted, I appreciate him stepping up to give me a break both physically and mentally.

I have realized I can’t do everything without his help!  

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