Bedtime To-Do List

I know that our mornings are crazy, but we try to do things the night before to make things a little easier – which just results in making our evenings crazy too!  So here’s our bedtime to-do list!

  1. Make lunches and set out lunchboxes ready to be packed in the morning.
  2. Pick up the mess all over the floor so we don’t trip and fall the next morning in our groggy state.
  3. Plan out school snack for the next day.
  4. Double check that all homework is completed.
  5. Pack backpacks with all necessary book orders, homework, library books, PE clothes and hang them on their hooks.
  6. Set the table for breakfast.
  7. Pajamas, teeth brushed and faces washed – hopefully without the mandatory fighting, water on the floor and toothpaste smeared on the sink.
  8. Locate both shoes for each child!
  9. Pick out clothes for the next day.
  10. Brush girls hair – it makes it less tangling in the morning (somehow!)
  11. Read a story (short one only!).
  12. Say prayers.
  13. Kiss and bless the kids.
  14. Turn on bedtime music. (I sincerely believe that when my children hear this song when they are adults they will fall over asleep right where they are.)
  15. Wish “sweet dreams” and give extra kisses.
  16. Crash!

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