Bedtime Routine

We are still struggling – struggling to get into a good bedtime routine for school hours. With bedtime at 8:30 for the girls, we send them up around 8:00, but they seem to find a number of other things to do – books to read, rooms to clean, toys to play with. And conflicts arise too – from refusal to share the bathroom to arguing over who should shower first. Meanwhile our son, whose lights out aren’t until 9:00, alternates between his bed, reading, and driving his sisters crazy. I’ve always thought that bedtime should be a peaceful winding down time but the kids don’t seem to agree so our new bedtime rules are going into effect this week.

  1. One kid per bathroom – limiting contact should limit conflict.
  2. If rooms need to be cleaned, it should be done before bedtime routine begins.
  3. No running naked through the halls.
  4. If you are not actively getting ready for bed, no leaving your room.
  5. Books will be read to those who are ready for bed 10-15 minutes early.
  6. Prayers will be said all together at 8:30, ready or not.
  7. Only one return parental visit after the official tuck-in.
  8. Any bathroom activities after the 8:30 lights out will be done silently with closed doors and dimmed lights.
  9. Laundry must be picked up off the floor by their owners.
  10. Blessings and kisses are promised every night.