Be Humble

So I learned something important this week.  Be humble.  We all know this, but God seemingly reminded me of this quite loudly near the end of my day.  It was a normal Monday, busy with cleaning, laundry, and normal household chores.  My older kids were home because school was out, making cleaning a little more difficult.

My youngest awoke around 4 am with a tummy ache.  I encouraged her to use the restroom to see if that alleviated the pain and then she went back to bed.  As her tummy continued to bother her throughout the day, I thought back to the meatloaf patties I had made for dinner the night before.  It crossed my mind that the little bit of pink meat I found in my own patty may have been unintentionally present in her meat too.  Was it a little bit of food poisoning?

I somehow made it through the day, completing most of my household chores, even with my extra helpers.  Poor little Abby fell asleep with her Pooh Bear tucked in her shirt – extremely unusual for my five year old.  And as she slept, I even had time with my older two to do some puzzles as I fixed dinner.  Abby woke up as her Daddy came home and came to the table for a supper of crackers and sprite while the rest of the table was set with pulled pork sandwiches and tater tots.

And just then, as I was feeling pretty proud of myself being able to have such a productive day, even getting dinner on the table, I was reminded to be humble.  Abby got sick at the table.  Several times.  I rushed her up to the shower, cleaned her up, and tucked her in to her pajamas and bathrobe.  By this time, she was back to her normal self.  She had gotten rid of that E.coli that had been bothering her all day.  So she was chatty, happy, even hungry.  She and her daddy (who had just finished his dinner) snuggled and read books, while I sent the older ones up to get ready for bed and I set in to clean up.  More laundry, scrubbing, sanitizing, all the cleaning I had done earlier for naught.

And while I shook my head and dug into my newest tasks, I chuckled and admitted, “You are in charge God.  Please just give me the strength and ability to get through all of this!”

In my head, I felt the God smile and remind me, “Be humble!”

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