Back To School List

With the school supplies spilling off the shelves (quite literally!) and the back-to-school sales in every aisle, I am a little overwhelmed by it all.  School is beginning in only a matter of weeks, and although we are about finished shopping I am not ready for summer to end yet.  I wanted to add my own supply list to the ones for filling their backpacks.

  1. 3 Extra Minutes at bedtime – moments as we tuck the little ones in to bed, sitting in the darkness, listening to their sweet stalling for a few more minutes.
  2. One popsicle, cookie or m&m each day – cause for summer celebration!back to school
  3. One large hug and kiss – the more the better!
  4. Five reminders – of how much we love them, believe in them and know that they are beautiful and smart inside and out
  5. 15 smiles – at their charming antics each day – we’ll miss them when they are at school
  6. 10 books – snuggling on the couch with a good book is a favorite for everyone!
  7. 20 tickles – of various sizes to elicit my favorite noise – giggles!
  8. 3 nose rubs – Eskimo kisses are the best
  9. 4 trips to the park or pool – eke out the last moments of summer!
  10. 1 million prayers – pray unceasingly for our little ones growing up each day!

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