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I hope that you enjoyed your Christmas break – we certainly did!  We had some luxurious downtime with sleepy mornings, breakfast in pajamas, snuggling on the couch, reading, playing games and having great family time.

But now that the house has been undecorated and the kids are back to school, it’s time to get back to busyness too.  It is time for practices, sports games, storytime, choir reversal and religious education classes.  So here is the list for me to be a little more organized as we get busier.

  1. Keep our calendar updated.  We are getting a lot of sports schedules and upcoming school events that I have to keep organized or we are going to miss something.  calendarKeeping one main calendar will keep us from getting confused, but our kids love to have some important dates on their own calendars too.
  2. Multitask.  Probably you already do this!  I like to go through ads or double check calendars while I am sitting in the pickup line.  It makes even waiting more productive.  Playing Headbandz with my kindergartner while I wash dishes is my favorite way to make chores go faster.
  3. 2 Minute paperwork plan.  I have found that putting mail or school papers in a  pile to grow through later only makes the pile grow larger and makes me lose papers or forget dates.  So what I’ve been doing is looking at the mail and school papers right when it comes in, writing down the dates and filing them right away.  I have a file for schedules and big dates and a file for bills.   I do it in 2 minutes or I forget it.
  4. Prep the next day.  Morning is often the busiest part of the day.  To help us get a jump on everything, we set out clothes, pack backpacks, make lunches, locate shoes and jackets.  Even having breakfast dishes set out makes our morning much easier.
  5. End of the day clean up.  There’s nothing like waking up to a cluttered messy house.  It makes me feel like I am behind and the kids aren’t even out of bed yet!  But if I spend 5 minutes straightening up before bed, it makes me feel so much better the next morning!
  6. Depend on your spouse.  This is a team effort – you can depend on each other to split chores, help with transport to activities, share homework duties, lift each other up, ground each other, and take care of busyness together.
  7. Pray!   I know I can’t handle all this busyness alone and I need God’s help.  I need Him to be involved in every part of my day – not just the quiet reflective times (as if that ever happens!) but the whole day in all its busyness!
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