Activities for the End of Summer

Have you noticed the Back to School supplies out in the stores?  Have you maybe even started scoping out the sale items?  Are you starting to get the question, “Are your kids ready for school?”

watermelonWell, I am starting to have anxiety regarding the beginning of the school year -not because I don’t want my kids to go back.  They love school and I know they’ll have a great school year, when the time comes – especially my kindergartener who is already picking out her first day of school clothes and started packing her backpack!  But I am not quite ready for summer to end!

I still have a list of things that I had hoped to do with my children and now I am scrambling thinking of all that I want to get done.  Perhaps you are feeling the same way!

But what I need to do is take a deep breath, look at that list again, and prioritize.  Here are some of my ideas for the end of our summer.

  1.  Keep going to the pool!  Go in the middle of the afternoon or go after dinner with the whole family.  Be sure you get wet too!
  2. Go to a matinee or a drive-in movie.  A fun family event for all!
  3. Play on the school playground to celebrate the beginning of school.lemonade
  4. Take a bike ride around the neighborhood.
  5. Play a board game on a day that’s too hot to go outside.
  6. Stop by an ice cream place or smoothie shop for a treat, maybe after you do some back to school shopping!
  7. Have a movie day and enjoy some popcorn on the couch while watching one of your favorites.
  8. Have a great Lego or Lincoln Log build – get at all the pieces and build a whole city!
  9. Spend a day in the kitchen cooking up a fun treat – cookies, cupcakes or homemade ice cream.  And let the kids lick the frosting beaters!
  10. Most of all, just spend time with them.  My time with the kids will be more memorable than any outings or activities.  Knowing that their mom loves them so much that she wants to spend time with only them!

What do you plan to do with the last few weeks of summer?


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