A Morning List To Do for a Busy School Morning

  1. first day of school2Give each child a morning kiss.
  2. Open the shades to the morning sun.
  3. Pack lunches.
  4. Tie shoes for the little ones.
  5. Pray a Hail Mary for each child.
  6. Feed kids a nutritious breakfast.
  7. Make sure backpacks are packed with homework inside.
  8. Fix pigtails.
  9. Double check that kids’ clothes are appropriate – no swimsuits with lacy skirts at school please.
  10. Do morning chores of dishes and beds – only if there’s time!
  11. Break up an argument in the bathroom.
  12. Give each child a blessing.
  13. Make sure everyone is buckled in the car – with afore mentioned backpacks and lunches.
  14. Say morning prayers together.
  15. Give each child a kiss on their way out of the car.
  16. Pray all the way home!

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