Lent is Coming!

ashesHave you been thinking about your Lenten promises?  I’ve been rolling some ideas around trying to decide what sacrifices I am going to make to bring me closer to God this Lenten season.  I want to do something that will not only improve my relationship with God but bring my family closer together and closer to God as well.  So how can we better our spiritual life this Lenten season of preparation?

For the family, this may involve group sacrifices – going without dessert or having a no-electronics day each week.  If you are brave enough, maybe no-electronics Lent!  It can also include adding spiritual activities – going to Adoration as a family, praying a weekly rosary, making it to an extra mass each week.

As an individual, we could give up something we enjoy, remembering that in our small suffering, we can distance ourselves from our ties to this world in a physical and material way.  We can add an extra prayer time or change our reading from leisure to inspirational.

Our Lenten promises do not have to be big and dramatic, but they do have to make us take small and definitive steps closer down the road to God.  May we take our little ones by the hand and show them the beauty of the Lenten season and how we can find God with the celebration of Easter!

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