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Hello!  My name is Shannon Vandaveer and I am delighted you are visiting my site.  I am a stay at home mom, but some days, I do anything but stay at home!

Vandaveer Family - Oct. 2011 (49)

I became a stay-at-home mom after my second child was born and I realized that my income didn’t bring in much more than what daycare would cost.  We had just moved to the Kansas City area and to meet people and become involved in our church, I joined the Prince of Peace MOM’s Group where I found wonderful friends and support in the Catholic faith.  This group sparked my interest in some sort of ministry to other busy Catholic moms.

I now have three beautiful children with the love of my life, who I have been married to for 16 years.  I am still involved in my church, our children’s school, and our beloved friends and family.

I am always looking for ways to strengthen both my family’s and my own Catholic faith.  Perhaps you are too.  I hope that you will find this website brings you just one step closer to God.

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