Father’s Day Blessing

June 20, 2015 Posted by Shannon

Heavenly Father,

You love us so much that you sacrificed your Son for us.

You have also gifted our families with fathers designed after you.

From the new fathers, first holding their newborn child

To the figuring-it-out-fathers who are shooting baskets and playing games with their children

From the experienced fathers sending their children off to college

To the fathers-turned-grandfathers who get to see the beauty of growing up all over again.Image result for father

They work had to support their families.

They play hard out of joy in their blessings.

They give all they have for the better of their family.

They sacrifice their own will for the best of their family.

They lead us spiritually,

They pray for us daily,

They guide our days

And guard our nights.

Just as Christ so loves the Church

Fathers love us more than themselves.

Heavenly Father, please bless the fathers in our lives.

Keep them ever close to you,

Wrap them in your love and grace,

That they may lead us ever closer to you.


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