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New Articles for May 15, 2015

May 15, 2015 Posted by Shannon

Did the end of school sneak up on you too?  I need to get ready for summer!  Also find the lists of Stay-at-Home and Employed Moms.  You’ll find some amazing similarities!


The Lists of Stay-at-Home and Employed Moms ascension2

To-Do List for the End of School

St. Dymphna

Gospel Reading and Thoughts for May 17, 2015

New Articles for May 7, 2015

May 7, 2015 Posted by Shannon

shepherd2Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!   This week I have finally written the article that has been rolling around in my head and my heart for about a year!  It is regarding stay-at-home vs. employed moms and the perceived wall we have put between us.  Having now been on both sides of the wall, I wanted to share my thoughts on how we both are doing the absolute best we can for the children we love and adore.  I apologize for the length of the article but I hope you’ll stick with it to the end!

“Working” Mom

A Mother’s Day Blessing

St. Rose Venerini

Gospel Reading and Thoughts for May 10, 2015


Teacher Appreciation Prayer

May 3, 2015 Posted by Shannon

With Teacher Appreciation Week this week, I wanted to thank our teachers with a prayer!


We moms are teachers everyday

We hold their handsteachers

We watch them play.

But schooldays come and kids go away.

Our hands empty, we know they can’t stay.

At school they find more hands to hold,

Their little minds their teachers mold.

The love they get makes them bold,

School is fun, so we are told.

With great patience and compassion

Teachers give their lives to their passion

They will never really completely know

How their kindness has affected us so.

Yes, teachers love them everyday

They help them work and watch them play

Their hearts, these teachers, give away,

And in their hearts their students’ love will always stay.