Back-to-School Blessing

August 12, 2013 Posted by Shannon

With the children tucked in bed, our backpacks hanging on their hooks, and butterflies in our stomachs, we have reached the end of summer and the beginning of the school year.  I wanted to offer a blessing to all of our children, teachers and parents.


May our sweet children be ready to learn and be guided, ever confident in the loving arms ready to welcome them home at the end of each school day.

May the amazing teachers to whom we are entrusting our small loved ones be enthusiastic, patient and compassionate as they spend those precious hours with our children.

May we send them out the door with strength and faith in our hearts, knowing that these little ones who God has entrusted to us for this short time will know our hopes and dreams for them and our love throughout their lives.

May the Holy Spirit remain close to all those who will touch our children’s lives and may we be open to all the graces He is ready to pour upon us so richly.


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